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Log frames are vital for formalizing the process of monitoring development. A log frame is often used by a program monitor to define the objectives of the program. There are two slightly different approached in the ADAPT. There is a log frame which defines the policy environment if a National Development Plan (NDP) and there is a more traditional activity based log frame that is used for the ADAPT NSDS module.

National Development Plan or a National Log Frame

A NDP will include a national log frame. This is a broader consultative document and the result of a planning process likely undertaken by a Ministry of Planning. It provides the policy directives and country development priorities and often are the formative source for defining the specific programs a government will be implementing. It is important to distinguish between a program log frame and a national log frame. Program log frames are frequently more output directed and activity based and are designed to define the lower level beneficiaries of a program. The national log frame will define the policy objectives and define the programs to be implemented as a result of the policy. The national log frame will usually have a hierarchy and could include various levels. The simpler the log frame the better, but often the national log frame will be three or even four level deep and could include labels such as: Axes, goal and objectives. Each level can have monitoring indicators and these indicators are mostly outcomes (i.e. expected outcomes of the programs). 

National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDS)

The NSDS is defined through a more traditional activity based process and will usually be two layers deep and always end in "activities". The NSDS log frame as with other program log frames usually consists of: Goals, objectives and activity (or process). They will defined "inputs" and "outputs" and contribute to the desired national "outcomes". For more information on the indicator types, please go to the section in the Helps for indicators. 


The web is full of good resources for learning about log frames. A couple of good sites to refer to are:

1. How to write a Log frame: A beginners'guide.