The ADAPT is a planning tool designed to help plan data needs to inform a national development plan through the NSDS or other enabling document. 

The ADAPT can be implemented as a full-scale deployment or simply at the level of monitoring the NSDS.

Full scale deployment

The full-scale deployment of the ADAPT includes the digitization of the national development plan and the mapping to various regional and global development frame works. PARIS21 recommends a phased approach for implementing. The entire process for a full-scale deployment generally follow the following:

  • Digitizing the national development plan
  • Assessing the indicators to be used for monitoring the development plan
  • Mapping to regional and global frame works such as the SDGs
  • Validate the assessment process both for the national development plan and other reporting frameworks
  • Cost the data collection activities
  • Undertake a gap analysis
  • Develop an plan of action for addressing the gaps and include in the NSDS
  • Plan the data collection activities (fielding of surveys) and release of data

It is important to remember that the ADAPT process is a highly consultative process and takes time and resources in the way of national workshops. It is desirable to link with the NSDS process. There are three stages of implementation envisioned for this level of implementation. 

Further support and implementation can also be undertaken for more detailed monitoring of:

  • Sector development plans
  • Sub-national development plans
  • Analytics and cost-benefit analysis
  • Cost per indicator evaluation

The full deployment mode allows various ways to interface with the NSDS. 

NSDS deployment

The ADAPT can be used as a tool to help define the results framework, cost the activities and monitor their implementation. In order to use the ADAPT for the NSDS costing and monitoring, the NSDS must have defined the framework which will be applied. The NSDS can be introduced at any time in the 5-year cycle though it is preferable to initiate the ADAPT at the same time as the NSDS is being planned. For more information see the NSDS guidelines <link>.