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  • N/A SDG indicator

    A non applicable (N/A) SDG indicator is one that the country can not report on. Reasons for this may be of geographic conditions, that they are targeted to a different country category (e.g. SIDS), the methodology has not been defined, etc. 

  • NSDS

    A National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) is a national framework, process and product for statistics development aimed at mainstreaming statistics into national policy and planning process; producing information responding to the needs of the various users; mainstreaming sectors and other players into the National Statistics System (NSS); coordinating the entire NSS; responding to data challenges; delivering a country-led data revolution; and building statistical capacity across the “the statistical value chain”.  From:  http://nsdsguidelines.paris21.org/node/717

  • National Development Plan

    A National Development Plan is a structured plan that involves medium or long term priorities and the steps or activities necessary to achieve the objectives that derive from them. It also includes indicators to monitor the progress of the implemented policies towards the achievement of the targets (defined by the objectives).

  • Not reflected

    Not Reflected (or Not Available) are those SDG indicators which do not have corresponding national indicators with same/similar meaning or the needed raw data to produce the needed measurement.

  • Node

    A logframe is a tree structure because of its hierarchical nature. Each of the dimensions is a node.